How It Works

A worldwide phenomenon, How it Works’ (Miks ja Kuidas in Estonia) expert explanations, dynamic cutaways and breathtaking images provide fuel for imaginations across all ages, helping its eager audience to understand and explore the wonders of the modern world, and making complex topics into accessible entertainment. Miks ja Kuidas stands for clarity, authority, intelligence and knowledge, which is why the brand is successful worldwide.

Brand values:
– Created by acknowledged science & technology experts
– Accessible to all ages, from young to old
– Timeless topics for curious minds
– High quality cutaway images and explanations

Miks ja Kuidas audience:
– Affluent modern parents. As accessible as it is informative, How It Works naturally engages parents who actively encourage learning and development in their children with inspiring, educational products the whole family can enjoy.
– Caring grandparents. It’s now easier than ever to take for granted how things work. It’s why How it Works is loved by grandparents who know the value of understanding the world around us and want to instill the same values in the next generation.
– Inquisitive young minds. Children love to learn and they love to compete, and because How It Works covers such a wide range of topics in such an attractive, easy-to-grasp style, younger audiences respond to it with inimitable enthusiasm.